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we're making this similar to LoveOCs here, due to increasing members and submissions, and expectations from most of our members. please understand.

:bulletblue: Be polite in conversations and all other types of operations. If you don't like art submitted here, just don't look at it. don't waste your time to write hate comments. don't leave them in group journals, front page etc. if you do this once, you get a warning. second time is a kick out of the group and ban.
:bulletblue: Group accepts only SEXY DRAWINGS, both original art and fanart. The submission has to be a bit sexy, or a bit of body shown, come on, headshots aren't that sexy! Only art that contains SEXY stuff might be submittted, if I find something not sexy, it will be declined.
:bulletblue:Only fully finished artwork may be submitted to our gallery Let the group be on a high level, so all scraps, linearts, rough sketches, WIPs etc will be declined. as well as art with messy lines/ colirng, unclean places, too much blurred etc. Full finished pencil/ pen etc shaded sketches with high quality are acceptable. Do not submit poorly made photos of arts (too light or too dark, almost visible) or artwork that is not finished. Submit only artwork fully done by you. Don't submit art done on bases or recolored images, as well as photomanipulations. I would also prefer to not see collabs here, because it's not only your own work.
:bulletblue: Try to submit only artwork that you are most proud of, choose your best pieces. The best option is also to choose pieces where the bigger part of the body is shown. more body= more sexy:D
:bulletblue: Due to huge amount of submitted works and members, group founder is forced to set QUALITY CONTROL. Only artwork on middle level or above will be submitted to the group gallery. IF your artwork gets declined, you cna try to submit something else, obliviously better than the previous one. Please don't be sad or angry if your art gets declined. Please take it as an invitation to improve and make your art better. Try to find inspiration in artwork submitted to the group. Do not blame the owner for declining your artwork. This rule is the choice of members by a poll. Please understand. IF you wish to knwo why was your artwork declined, you are allowed to ask politely in a comment under declined submission, so the owner or co-founders/ contributors can explain hwat you need to improve on or change to make quality of your artwork better. I'll try to be as much fair as I can, taking a look at every submission. but I can't match everyones likings and everyone's ideas and believes. be sure to understand me!
:bulletblue: Group doesn't accept hentai, gore, vore, strange fetishes (like big boobs, big feet, big booty, big hair and other, this isn't a place for this sorry, search for other clubs to submit them there. thanks. [perspective is a thing that is accepted of course. I meant 'fetishes' and such ] please respect this. I hate these things and this is a club created for sexy art not fetish art ^^; ) bondage, hard violence (however normal amount of blood is ok) this is an OC group not fetish group.
:bulletblue:If you art was declined once, don't submit it again! ..unless it's declined because of wrong folder. in any other case: just submit something else, or draw something new, improve and so on!
:bulletblue:There's no removing art from this group. Think before you submit! From now on, if you remove a pic from the group, you will be warned. if you do this again, you will be banned from the group! You can only remove arts if you're going to leave group/ account or delete that deviation for any reason. BUT if you are doing so- send the group a note!
:bulletblue: Nudity, ecchi, soft yuri/ yaoi are acceptable. As long as they follow DA rules of course and aren't breaking any of these listed above.
:bulletblue: MEMBERS CAN SUBMIT TWO DEVIATIONS PER WEEK!</u>. :new: Be sure that you choose the right folder- declined submissions are taking the limit too.
:bulletblue: Be sure that you are submitting to correct folder. Wrong folder submissions will be declined, too. If you don't know how to do this, check out…
:bulletblue: Everything that doesn't fit the gallery or collection will be declined of course, so think before you submit please!
:bulletblue: Have fun! ;)

Any questions? Feel free to ask!

if you read this, a simple comment with 'ok' would be appreciated, so I know you read this and agree.

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