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Submitted on
December 9, 2010


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Here we are!

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 9, 2010, 11:52 AM

..: King Leandris :.. by OceanLord
born to be kings
:thumb176758168:Danken fighter by LordMiste
We're the princes of the universe
Sephiroth for shingorengeki by 3D-Fantasy-Art:thumb184195079:
Here we belong, fighting to survive
RO Christian Vallmore by leon-heARTS+ Azimuth + by Akumaredi
In a world with the darkest powers, heh
:thumb182519757:Haine by kanapy-art
And here we are, we're the princes of the universe
Here we belong, fighting for survival
:thumb178510376:NFC COMP- ZABUZA OF THE MIST by Tetsuk0
We've come to be the rulers of you all

I am immortal, I have inside me blood of kings - yeah - yeah
Gohan by ZentagasMEN AT WORK - Asuma by Tetsuk0
I have no rival, no man can be my equal
Ichigo Kurosaki-Color by TablisIntimity by Mutsumipat
Take me to the future of you all

Born to be kings, princes of the universe
+Fallen Angel+ by jusoks:thumb186613017:
Fighting and free
Another Place to Fall by temielDragon_full_view by Kimir-Ra
Got your world in my hand
Krad Rave - VERSUS by MakyKaosOhh shiny skin. by Liethel
I'm here for your love and I'll make my stand
the sultan by crayonmaniacKojiro by aoi-ryu
We were born to be princes of the universe

No man could understand
:thumb158401141:Blaise by Dandare-Rastaban
My power is in my own hand
Angel by EmeraldusDark Knight by Niennar
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, people talk about you
Zero x Kaname by ZeroAnhell
People say you've had your day
Gambit by StormFedeRLyra Angel by Kassworkshop
I'm a man that will go far
+OURAY+ by jinx-starRocky by Aish89
Fly the moon and reach for the stars
Renji by Eun-suGift: Bain purificateur by Nacrym
With my sword and head held high
Wrong Time, Wrong Place... by 3D-Fantasy-Art:thumb167965677:
Got to pass the test first time - yeah
NARUTO: Hatake Kakashi by blackstorm:thumb159302504:
I know that people talk about me - I hear it every day
Water + Heat is Steam by Frog27Just love me by Dynamite-Jay
But I can prove them wrong 'cos I'm right first time
:thumb161413448:Something about Alistair by HeilyAens
Yeah, yeah, alright, let's go, let's go, ha haa
+Guardian of the Sea+ by Priss-BloodEmpressYugi Hawkins - 02 - Rebirth by YugiHawkins
Yeah, watch this man fly, wooh
Maxwell by elvi-92:thumb161931625:
Bring on the girls - c'mon - c'mon - c'mon
NH-Guilty Pleasure by Amaterasu16From Hell by AlcoholicRattleSnake
Here we are - here we are
Rye Netherdrake by TouchedVenusAcid Trip by TouchedVenus
Born to be kings, we're the princes of the universe
:thumb167456929:Eden by temiel
Here we belong
:thumb169234431:A demon in day light by FireDragonRem
Born to be kings, princes of the universe

Fighting and free, got your world in my hand
"S" is for "Sleepy" by Priss-BloodEmpress:thumb171492931:
I'm here for your love and I'll make my stand
Poison's fever by DargonYou Give Vamps a Bad Name by 3D-Fantasy-Art
We were born to be princes of the universe!

Song: Princes of the Universe by Queen

Please allow me to introduce myself. I'm a man of wealth and taste Sorry different song…

Greetings I am teturo and I thought I would start my introduction as the new group founder by showing off some of the awesome bishonen images that have been submitted to this group  previously.

I have not had a chance to do song features with guys in other groups so I thought I would start here. Besides I have been wanting to use this song forever.

I would also like to introduce two exceptional artists :iconstormfeder: and :iconilolamai: who have consented to becoming moderators and helping with submissions

*Skin by *lildark7
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Thank you for the feature :)
Great selection !
You are most welcome, thank you for sharing your work ^_^
Priss-BloodEmpress Dec 10, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Those are some yummy features :iconpervylenplz:

Thank you so much for including my pics, by the way :love:
:icondragonkekeplz: Thank ya ^_~

And my pleasure ^_^
TouchedVenus Dec 10, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Such an awesome feature! Thanks for including me! :love:
Thank you, and you are most welcome ^_^
TouchedVenus Dec 10, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
You're very welcome :aww:
Aish89 Dec 10, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My Rocky's here *u*

Thank you! <3

although, I do not consider him a bishonen D:
Welcome, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder ^_~
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