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Submitted on
September 8, 2010


Sexy Couples Contest RULES!

What you need to know :3
- all you have to do is to draw a couple ( A COUPLE IS TWO PEOPLE) being sexy :D
- has to be your own work ONLY ( you can use free brushes textures etc but no collabs or bases )
- you have to be our member to join this contest
- it can be any couple! it also doesn't have to be a love couple! it just can be two characters shown in a very sexy way! it also can be hetero couple (girl x boy) or yuri (girl x girl) or yaoi (boy x boy) any couple is ok!!
- they can be humans, fantasy humanoids or anthros!
- think about the sexy situation- beach, love, fun scene, any that can show BOTH CHARACTERS in a sexy way!
- only one submission per member
- please make BOTH CHARACTERS sexy. nudity/ sexual themes are allowed
- background is needed, however it can be even a gradient or simple brush
- it has to be colored [even base colors only] but no b&w please
- you can use an OC or existing character from any manga/ anime/ game etc
- have FUN! :)
- please write in artists comments that this is for our contest so others may join too :)
- NO hentai, NO explicit PORN SCENES, (has to follow DA rules) violence or gore please;P
- after finishing your entry and submitting to your DA account, you NEED to submit your entry to the gallery folder called 'Sexy Couples CONTEST'. BE sure it follows these rules, if no your submission will be declined!
- the contest submission does count as an additional free submission.
- also NO boobs as huge as head or so small that they're not able to be seen ^^; please choose from small through medium to big sized. you all know what I mean :P that ocounts for butts and other parts too. I don't want perfect anatomy, I only don't want to have boobs huger than the fullbody or huge feet or any other 'fetish' like these ^^; >< [althrought perspective is allowed of course!~ that's something different. ]
-must be done AFTER the contest started of course!

Okies I think that's all. Any questions? Feel free to ask!


END DATE IS SEPTEMBER 30th 2010 and no extensions! Okthx.


If you are able to donate a prize let me know! anything will help, journal features, drawings, even a sub would be great ^^

:winner: First place
* a free female knees-up drawing and journal feature from izka197
* 100 DA :points: from izka197
* winner will receive a custom box feature shown on groups front page
* a feature in group journal
* your submission featured in group gallery/ collection
* additional 6 submissions to club gallery

:winner:Second place
* a free female waist up drawing and journal feature from izka197
* a feature in group journal
* your submission featured in group gallery/ collection
* additional 4 submissions to club gallery

:winner:Third place
* a journal feature from izka197
* a feature in group journal
* your submission featured in group gallery/ collection
* additional 2 submissions to club gallery

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Jinshi0k Sep 9, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
sexy without fetish? oh a bit hard
i gonna try
Becken95 Sep 8, 2010  Student General Artist
Aah, I have to get working and make a new entry... my last one is so... old. ):
VoydKessler Aug 4, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
When did this contest start? X__x I need to enter!
SilverOfTwoWings Jul 24, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Just to be sure, it can be an OC of mine and another OC of my friend's right (ergo I don't have to own both so to speak)
yes if you have the artist permission and credit of course
SilverOfTwoWings Jul 26, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I will enter!! :D
I will enter!! :D
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